Case Management

Cal Fleet Advisor Case Managers are here to make the transition to zero-emission as painless as possible for you.

Signing up for Cal Fleet Advisor you are automatically paired with your own personal advisor that will help push through any barriers preventing your fleet from incorporating zero-emission vehicles into operations. Your fleet advisor will answer your questions and connect you with industry leaders that have the products, services, or funding you’re interested in!

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Individual Action Plan

Your personal fleet advisor will analyze your fleet and create a custom ZEV plan for your fleet. You’ll get information like:

  • Total Cost of Ownership

  • Potential Fuel Savings

  • ZEV models that match your fleet’s needs

  •  Funding and Rebate Opportunities

  • Regulatory, Compliance, and Safety Information

  • Utility Resources

  • Charging options

  • Industry Referrals

Cal Fleet Advisor can also help connect you with others in the industry to assist your fleet on its ZEV journey. Connect with:

  • Approved Dealers

  • Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Other funding programs

  • Utility charging programs

  • ZEV insurance

  • Leasing and Financing

  • Private ZEV consultants for large projects

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HVIP Case Support

Cal Fleet Advisor helps incoming and active HVIP purchasers with issues that may prevent or delay their participation in the program such as:

  • Collecting required verification documents (TRUCRs ID, DOT, CA DOT, Motor Carrier Permit)
  • Review of HVIP eligibility and eligible plus-ups/modifiers, set-asides
  • Difficulties working with a particular dealer/OEM
  • Charging infrastructure strategies/next steps
  • Insurance, Financing and Leasing solutions
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