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Cal Fleet Advisor is a no-cost fleet service that has helped almost 500 companies in California with their switch to zero-emission trucks, buses, and vans. Fleets can get information about zero-emission commercial vehicles, learn how to maximize fuel savings, get help with understanding incentives, and find the best options for their fleet.  Enrolling is easy—simply go to the Cal Fleet Advisor website, CalFleetAdvisor.org/get-started-today, and fill out the form and an advisor will be in contact within 1-2 business days.


  • At [Your Organization] we are dedicated to providing you with the best resources. This is why we would like to share Cal Fleet Advisor! A free assistance program to help you get to #zeroemissions #trucks. Learn More About Cal Fleet Advisor’s Services at: https://calfleetadvisor.org/ 
  • Curious about our latest advancements towards a #sustainablefuture? We are excited to announce complimentary technical #fleet services with Cal Fleet Advisor! They are focused on getting #truckers into #zeroemission vehicles and improving air quality through #cleantransportation. Sign up for free today at: https://calfleetadvisor.org/


  • Cal Fleet Advisor is playing a pivotal role in the zero-emission transition by providing #truckers hands on, free assistance in adopting #zeroemission vehicles! Sign up for free at https://calfleetadvisor.org/
  • We provide you with the latest information at [Your Company ]. This is why we are proud to announce Cal Fleet Advisor, a free service from CARB and HVIP! Together we will achieve clean #transportation. Enroll for free at: https://calfleetadvisor.org/

Cal Fleet Advisor Fact Sheets

Download the Cal Fleet Advisor fact sheet in English or Spanish and utilize the information or print and distribute as you see fit.

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